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Due to advanced technology, Internet has made everything easy. Along with all other things like shopping, recharging, ticket booking, money transfer and many more, the contests are also organised online through various social networks. The online contests are emerging out as a publicity tool for various people and organisations. Many companies tend to boost their marketing efforts by attracting lot of people to take part in or vote for these contests. More the number of participants more will be the marketing.


As a result, there will be increased sale of commodities and services of the particular organisation.Facebook contests are a common trait and also the best online method to organise contests. This social networking site facilitates you to win the contest by getting maximum votes or likes for your posts from various sources. These sources include your friend list, facebook pages, facebook groups, communities and some more. Not only your friends vote for you but the chain is formed linking friends of friends of friends and so on approximately up to 4-5 levels. At the time when contests were not organised on the facebook, photos were only posted for publicity, fun and entertainment. But in the present days, these photos can decide your fate by making you win or lose.

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