maintains a limited Refund Policy rule. We will not be responsible whether you get win, lose or disqualified in anyway as it would be your decision to buy likes/votes. We will simply deliver you the committed quantity on package ordered. We don’t get share in the prizes won by our customers, similarly we will not be responsible for sharing any loss.

So no refunds will be given if :-

  • Your work was completed by us but you lost the contest or disqualified
  • Your work was successfully completed by our team.
  • No refunds will be given in case your votes get decreased or deleted by contest organizers on a later stage after we completed your work as we do not take our votes back once delivered.

Refund will be given:-
In case we don’t deliver what we commit then you may be eligible to get proportionate refund for the amount of votes not done on your link.

Please you must contact us first on our email in case you have any questions or problem regarding your purchase. We will try our best to assist you in every possible manner. Email: [email protected]